All you need to do to understand the special blessings that we receive everyday, is to watch a flock of birds at your backyard feeder, or watch the progress of a budding garden. When you are a witness to these miracles of nature, is there any doubt that we are truly blessed?
The sound of a pair of mourning doves, and the chirping of the crickets, are a part of the beautiful symphony of nature, and to this magnificent concert, you can have a front row seat!
As you browse through my pages, I hope that you will learn a little about me, and that you will come to see why I feel that I am truly blessed to be a witness of the glory of the gifts that surround us.

I was born in Milford Connecticut in 1950 ( almost the dark ages) and lived most of my life in Connecticut. I was pretty sure that I would always live there.
In 1989, I married my best friend and was still convinced that we would always live in Connecticut. Then as fate would have it, in 1995, we went to a National Convention of the American Legion in Minneapolis Minnesota and met a man from Elgin SC. We got to be very friendly with him while we were there, and kept in touch over the next year. In February of 1996, my husband Jerry went down to Elgin SC to visit our friend and check out the area. We had heard that is was much less expensive to live in the South. Jerry had lived in Florida and the idea of moving South appealed to him. I wanted no part of Florida. Well, to make this long story shorter, he was in SC for a day and a half and called home and asked me if I wanted to move, and that he had a place for us already. I said sure, and on March 3rd, Jerry and I, our cat Miss Black, and all of our belongings, left Connecticut in a Ryder truck to begin our new life as South Carolinians.
I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. I believe in my heart that we were meant to move to South Carolina. We had some major life changes there. Some positive and uplifting, others not so happy, but learning experiences which had positive results. We met some wonderful people there and don't regret our move.
Since I first wrote this page, a lot has happened to us. If you click on my close call page, you will read all about it. We are now back in Milford Connecticut, richer for having lived in South Carolina and learning about another part of the country and for the wonderful people we met and friends that we made. But home is home, and that is Connecticut for us.

There are a lot of things in my life that make me what I am. I hope that you enjoy your visit through my pages. They are a reflection of me and what makes me........well ME!!