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Children..our blessings from God

The greatest blessings that we can receive from God, is the gift of children. Whether they are our own, or those of a friend or relative, they fill our lives with so much joy and love. What is more precious than the smile of a child or more sad than their tears? How simple it is for us to fill their little hearts with joy by a hug, or a kiss or a word of praise. How easy it is too, to break their hearts and their spirits with a harsh word or a cruel or abusive hand. We must realize that children are the innocents, the treasures given to us by God, to nurture and care for and to love and raise and lead them into adulthood with wisdom and guidance. The Children, they are our future, a gift more precious than diamonds or gold.

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A note to parents: We hope you're enjoying monitoring this site with your child. Below are some links that will be of interest to you:

Kids Cancer Website: Information
Save The Children
UNICEF's State of the World's Children
Children's Rights Foundation

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Adopt A Pet at NeoPets.com. This is Neesom-2000. Lots of pets to choose from.

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