The Lord is My Shepherd

I thank God daily for all that I have and for all of the blessings he has given me. I will spend each day trying to be the kind of person that I know he wants me to be. I thank him for the friends he has led into my life and for my husband and family. I am a child of the Lord and will sing praises unto him all the days of my life.

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I Once Was Lost, but Now Am Found

As the lyrics of the song Amazing Grace state, I was lost, and I was blind. I had no sense of God in my life. I believed, but I wasn't in touch with God. I hadn't been to church in years and if I went at all, it was on Easter and Christmas, and then only if someone asked me to go. I didn't pray because I didn't think that God was listening. I knew that there was something missing from my life, but I didn't realize that what was missing was God.
In 1994, my sister asked me if I would go to church with her for the Holy Week services at St. Anthony's church in West Haven Ct. The two Priests were wonderful men with a real sense of caring for their parishioners. I went to the service on Holy Thursday and my life changed in a way that I would never have expected.
I have read about people who claim to have "seen the light" and been "overcome with the presence of the Lord" and always thought it to be an exaggeration. I don't feel that way anymore. That Thursday night in April of 1995, I felt God. I was so overcome with a sense of his presence that I was moved to tears. Literally to tears. On Good Friday, it was the same thing. There are no words to describe the feelings that filled my heart as I sat in that church. The love and beauty of the world, was suddenly so clear to me. I knew that God was a part of my life again.