Angels in Heaven, have welcomed her.

Lucille Breen Mead
June 30 1928-July 28 1992

My Mother

Although cut short her life was full of doing things for others. She loved her husband, kids, grandchildren, her pets, and friends, her sisters and her brothers.
She worked with Veterans, Scouts and kids, gave all she had to give. She knew all that she longed to do, but not how long she'd live.
Cancer had invaded her and ate her life away. She had to go despite our need, she knew she couldn't stay.
Each Monday, I would visit,sit the whole day by her side. It broke my heart to see hope fade, until at last it died.
There was no cure, nor would there be, God called her from above. She slipped away while she held the hand of the man she'd always loved.
We mourn our loss, we miss her so, but we know that she's at peace. The memories of all her goodness stay and they will never cease.
I love you Mom, and need to say I still miss you oh so much. Yet sometimes when I need you most, I feel your loving touch.
I believe in God and I know you dwell, in Heaven there above ,And someday when my life is through we'll be together in his love.

In 1947 Lucille Breen went to a square dance. The caller was a tall redhaired "cowboy" from Danbury Ct. He was the handsomest thing she had ever seen dressed in his baby blue shirt that matched his eyes. On August 14th 1948, she married her handsome cowboy and spent the rest of her life with him.

Mom's Award

This is a picture that was printed in our Local Paper (The Milford Citizen) of Mom receiving her award for the History of Milford booklet that she wrote for the 325th Anniversary Celebration.

She loved history and was always researching something or another. In 1976 she was appointed as the Official Historian of Milford CT's 325th Anniversary Celebration. She made us all period costumes and we marched in the parade. Our Family even won a prize for best costumes. At the time, we hated wearing the costumes but looking back on it now, it was a pretty neat thing to do.

Mom loved and collected Teddy Bears

More Memories of Mom

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